President Xi Jinping Speaks with King Philippe of Belgium on the Phone

President Xi Jinping spoke with King Philippe of Belgium on the phone on 2 April.

Xi said that as COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, Europe including Belgium is facing severe challenges. On behalf of the Chinese government and people, I wish to express heartfelt sympathies and firm support to the Royal Family, government and people of Belgium. At the critical moment of China's fight against the outbreak, people from all walks of life in Belgium extended their sympathies and support to China in different ways, demonstrating the profound friendship of solidarity and mutual assistance between our two peoples. Now China is ready to do what it can to help Belgium overcome the current shortage of supplies and equipment, and to share useful experience in outbreak control and conduct joint research and development of vaccines and drugs.

Xi expressed the belief that under the leadership of the Royal Family and the government, the Belgian people will surely overcome the epidemic. China also hopes that Belgium will attach great importance to and ensure the safety of Chinese citizens in Belgium, especially the students.

Xi stressed that the virus knows no boundaries or races, and is a common enemy of all. It can only be defeated through the joint efforts of the international community. Guided by the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind, China is stepping up international cooperation in an all-round way. At the recent Extraordinary G20 Leaders' Summit, I put forward initiatives to enhance international cooperation on COVID-19 response and keep the world economy stable. On top of what we have achieved in containing the outbreak, China is speeding up the resumption of work and production nationwide. We are overcoming difficulties to restore and enhance the production capacity of relevant medical supplies and equipment as a priority, and carry out strict quality supervision and control to provide medical supplies to the largest extent possible to support the global fight against the outbreak.

Xi also highlighted China's appreciation of King Philippe's efforts to promote China-Belgium relations, and China's readiness to work with Belgium to counteract the impact of COVID-19, and coordinate cooperation across the board to advance China-Belgium and China-EU relations.

King Philippe noted that COVID-19 is affecting all countries. Being the first country to bring it under control, China has gained experience that is of great significance to others. At the same time, China has offered support to many other countries and made its due contribution to the world. Belgium is grateful for the urgently needed medical and protective supplies China has provided, and is willing to cooperate with China in drugs research and development.

King Philippe said that a friend in need is a friend indeed, and China is a true friend of Belgium. I will always cherish this friendship and continue to promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation.

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