China Would Never Stand by and Leave its Friends in Difficulty
Baseless Suspicion Not Welcome in Cooperation Against the Virus

On 3 April, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell Fontelles on the phone.

Wang expressed China's deep sympathies to the EU and its member states on the heavy loss of lives in European countries due to COVID-19. The virus recognizes no borders or races. China feels for Europe and believes that international solidarity is the only way to defeat this serious threat faced by all humanity.

Wang stressed that as comprehensive strategic partners, China and the EU must stand together and render each other assistance, a fine tradition between the two sides. During China's tough fight against the outbreak, it received sympathies and support from the European side. Now that the EU is in an all-out battle against the virus, China is more than willing to help the EU and its member states according to their needs, despite its own challenge of preventing resurgence at home. This joint battle against COVID-19 will surely strengthen trust and cooperation between China and the EU.

Regarding doubts about China's intention behind assisting Europe, Wang noted that the Chinese are a grateful people. Helping Europe at the latter's request is one way to reciprocate its kindness and friendship. It is also in line with international humanitarianism and the vision advocated by President Xi Jinping of building a community with a shared future for mankind. China would never stand by and leave its friends in difficulty. The help China offers does not involve any selfish interest.

To overcome this unprecedented crisis, countries must rise above ideological difference and reject baseless speculations, particularly attempts to politicize joint efforts to fight the virus. We need to send out the right message to call for solidarity and collective action in fighting the virus. Countries, different as they may be, all live in one global village. We are all part of a community with a shared future. China is also ready to work with European countries to help its fellow developing countries with a weak public health system, especially those in Africa, respond more effectively to COVID-19.

Borrell fully shared Wang's views and thanked China for its sympathy and support. He noted that the grave situation in Europe is continuing to worsen, causing heavy loss of lives and taking a serious toll on the economy. The EU appreciates China's support and assistance to the EU and its member states and fully recognizes China's constructive role in the global response to COVID-19 and its tradition of helping other countries in need.

Borrell agreed that virus respects no borders and all countries rise and fall together in times like this. Only by coming together can the international community ultimately defeat the virus. The EU will work with China to tide over this challenge together.

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