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Two Chinese Chartered Planes with Relief Aid Arrived in Port Vila in One Day


On 2 April, the fourth and the fifth (the last two) Chinese chartered planes carrying disaster-relief goods arrived in Port Vila respectively in the same day. The two Chinese chartered planes delivered 35 tons of rice, 8 tons of vermicelli(dry noodle), 200 sets of 6 kva diesel generators, 10 pieces of tarpaulins, 14 sets of 40 kva diesel generators to Port Vila from the far-away city Shanghai, China. Vanuatu Prime Minister Joe Natuman and Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy Ms. Li Cuiying, joined by Minister of Finance Mr. Maki Simelum, Minister of Infrastructure Mr. Esmon Saemon, Minister of Education Bob Laoughman, greeted and checked the disaster-relief goods at the Bauerfield International Airport of Port Vila.

Prime Minister Natuman set aside time out of his tight schedule to walk to the chartered plane to see China-donated rice being unloaded at the airport. He took a handful of rice, watched and chewed, and soon a smile appeared on his face and he highly praised the quality of the rice from China. He said he was assured that people in the disaster-struck areas would have good rice for meals. He told Counselor Li Cuiying that he would get across this information to the Vanuatu people and that Chinese chartered planes delivers not only the relief aid but also sincere friendship from the Chinese people. Prime Minister Natuman requested Counselor Li to convey his great appreciation to the Chinese government.

Counselor Li Cuiying introduced the detailed information of the relief materials delivered by the 5 Chinese chartered planes to Prime Minister Natuman and told him that all the relief goods worth RMB30 million(equivalent to 500 million Vatu) offered by the Chinese government came to the end of delivery. As the Chinese people say, friends always wish each other well. The Chinese government wishes that with the help of the international community and under the leadership of the Vanuatu government, Vanuatu could recover very soon. The Chinese government will continue to help the Vanuatu government with its reconstruction and rebuilding, Ms Li added.

Also, Counselor Li informed officers from the NDMO(Vanuatu National Management Office) that due to the flight security requirement, the engine oil of the diesel generators have been emptied during transportation.Ms. Li requested the NDMO officers could relay the information to the users and remind them of fueling the generator before use.

 Prime Minister Natuman and Counselor Li Cuiying checked the relief goods at the airport


Prime Minister praised the rice China offered

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