Leaders of Vanuatu Political Parties Participated in the CPC and World Political Parties Summit

On July 6, the Communist Party of China (CPC) and World Political Parties Summit was held via video link with the theme "For the People's Wellbeing: the Responsibility of Political Parties". Leaders of more than 500 political parties and organizations from over 160 countries gathered in the cloud summit. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President of the People's Republic of China, attended the Summit and delivered a keynote speech. More than 30 representatives from 5 Vanuatu political parties including the Vanua'aku Pati (VP), the Union of Moderate Parties (UMP), the National United Party (NUP), the Vanuatu Cultural Self Reliance Movement (VSRM) and Nagriamel participated in the Summit at the Chinese Embassy in Vanuatu. Hon. Bob Loughman, Prime Minister of Vanuatu and President of VP, Hon. Johnny Koanapo, Minister of Finance and Economic management and Interim Secretary General of VP, Hon. Edward Nalyal, Executive Member of VP and Minister of Lands; Hon. Bruno Leingkone, Minister of Climate Change Adaptation and President of NUP, Hon. Silas Bule, Minister of Health and Vice President of NUP; Hon. Willie Daniel Kalo, Minister of Agriculture and Chairman of UMP Disciplinary Committee; Hon. Samson Samsen, President of VSRM and 1st Deputy Speaker of Vanuatu Parliament (now Minister of Education); and other Vanuatu MPs, political party leaders and government officials were present. Chinese H.E Zhou Haicheng, Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu also attended the Summit. Hon. Loughman sent a video message and Hon. Ishmael Kalsakau, Vice President of the UMP and Deputy Prime Minister of Vanuatu sent a written speech to the Summit.

In his video message, Hon. Loughman extended warmest congratulations to the CPC on its 100th anniversary and its tremendous achievements all along. He said, "I wish to express deep appreciation to Your Excellency Xi Jinping for your exemplary leadership and vision through the Belt and Road Initiative to build a community with a shared future for mankind where no one is left behind." He emphasized that in the face of changes unseen in a century accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the pursuit of a better life remains the common aspiration of mankind and a major driving force behind social progress, which demands fresh insight and renewed strength from political parties in the world. "I see the role played by party-to-party exchanges and cooperation as very important in promoting state-to-state relations. I believe we in the developing world can learn a lot from the CPC's consistent adherence to both theoretical and practical development solutions to common challenges and to problems unique to developing countries", he added. Loughman concluded that the Vanua'aku Pati is committed to working hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder with the CPC and other world political parties and organizations to ensure the wellbeing of the world's people, address challenges to humanity and promote the building of a shared future for mankind.

In his written speech, Hon. Kalsakau expressed gratitude to the CPC for its continuous help to the people of Vanuatu, and looked forward to further strengthening the cooperation between the UMP and the CPC and between the two countries. He said that the UMP strives to build an educated, healthy and wealthy nation through education, business, access to quality health care and improved infrastructure. He stressed that "the Vanuatu Government has introduced and adopted new pathways to economic growth through financial support from our development partners, especially the People's Republic of China under your leadership, Your Excellency, Xi Jinping." "We extend this country's heartfelt appreciation to the intervention of the Chinese Government to the need for the whole world and indeed, Vanuatu to be vaccinated as a necessary cause and to the generous donation of Sinopharm vaccine which is being rolled out as we speak." "On behalf of the Union of Moderate Party we thank you the Communist Party of China for your continuous assistance to our people and we look forward to the continuation of excellent cooperation into the future", he added.

Before the Summit, Ambassador Zhou, PM Loughman and other Vanuatu representatives visited a photo exhibition and watched the celebration videos of the CPC's Centenary together in the Embassy. The two sides had an extensive exchange on governance experience, China-Vanuatu relations and pragmatic cooperation.

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