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Chinese Enterprises Important Force Boosting Africa's Development: Report

Chinese enterprises are becoming a significant force behind Africa's development, boosting its economic development and improving people's livelihoods in the region, said a report released by the China-Africa Business Council (CABC).

With rapidly increasing investment in recent decades, Chinese enterprises have facilitated trade and investment in Africa. They have also assisted the region with the COVID-19 fight and poverty reduction, said the report on Chinese Investment in Africa.

Investments by Chinese enterprises in Africa's infrastructure, manufacturing, and agricultural processing, among others, have helped host countries accumulate foreign reserves, promote technology transfer, and eliminate supply constraints.

Despite the pandemic, the global economic slowdown, and trade protectionism, Chinese companies have remained optimistic and willing to invest in Africa.

For the full report: http://www.focac.org/chn/lhyj/yjcg/t1903350.htm


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