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Response to the safety issue of Chinese KN95 Masks
--Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa

We have noted that some South African media recently reported that China’s KN95 masks could not provide adequate protection for medical workers from COVID-19 and the masks China exported are substandard. The Chinese Embassy in South Africa would like to make the following responses.

Masks have different protection standards and grades, including non-medical protection and professional medical protection. Before wearing the mask, users must read the instructions and check whether it reaches the standard for use.

The relevant notification issued by the Chinese government explicitly recommends that doctors, nurses and other high-risk groups should primarily choose to wear the N95 medical protective masks. The masks provided by the Chinese government to South Africa are N95 medical protective masks and ordinary surgical masks, which are suitable for different medical operating purposes.

The standards and grades of KN95 masks are different from those of N95 masks, and there are clear requirements for their usage. It is recommended to wear KN95 masks in strict accordance with the instructions.

China always attaches great importance to the quality of export products and cracks down on the sale of fake and substandard products. The competent Chinese authorities have rolled out stringent regulatory measures, requiring exporters of medical supplies to provide written or electronic statements at customs declaration, and ensure that all the export products have obtained the registration certificate for medical devices in China and meet the quality standards of the importing country or region. If any suspected quality problems are found, please report to the Embassy.

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