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DIRCO Senior Official said South Africa SupportsChina's Policy of Governing Xinjiang and Opposes External Interference in China's Internal Affairs

On February 3, in response to former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s erroneous remarks on China’s Xinjiang-related issues, Deputy Director-General of DIRCO Anil Sooklal told Xinhua News Agency that South Africa fully understands the issues in Xinjiang as well as the political attempts of former Secretary of State Pompeo to use issues related to Xinjiang and score political points. Former Secretary of State Pompeo fabricates situations in Xinjiang. His primary purpose is nothing but an attempt to undermine and disrupt the development progress of China. He has used issues related to Taiwan, Tibet, Hongkong and Xinjiang to undermine and disrespect China's Sovereignty.

China and USA are leading members of international community and must work together to foster global peace and security. The confrontational approach of Former Secretary of State Pompeo does not contribute to creating a world of peace, stability and security.

South Africa, as a trusted partner of China, with strong bilateral relations and historical ties, has been following the situation in Xinjiang. South Africa has noted the remarkable progress that China has achieved in the past 4 decades including in Xinjiang. Xinjiang Economy has grown rapidly and its people has been lifted poverty and underdevelopment. The focus of the government of China, in expediting the development of Xinjiang for the benefit of the people, can be seen in the major construction of infrastructure, economic modernization and creating employment to uplift the livelihood of the people. President Xi's policy of people first is visible in the manner in which the government of PRC has invested in uplifting the livelihood of the people of Xinjiang and the livelihood of people of China as a whole.

Diplomatic envoys from various countries including South Africa, journalists and religious groups, including my colleague Deputy Permanent Representative Nelia Barnard have all visited Xinjiang to see for themselves the positive development in Xinjiang and the uplift of the people.

South Africa has always opposed interference in other countries’ sovereign and internal affairs by external forces, including groundless accusations by countries in domestic affairs of China. We have full confidence that China is addressing comprehensively all issues related to the well-being of the people of Xinjiang. We firmly believe that China is capable and responsible to ensure the well-being, development and happiness of all of its people.

South Africa commends China for its remarkable achievement and eradicating extreme poverty including Xinjiang. This is testimony of the commitment of President Xi and the government of PRC to ensure the well-being, prosperity, security of all of its people.

South Africa will continue to support China's development and counter propaganda of its detractors for seek to undermine China's success and politicize and fabricate issues by sensationalizing their own agendas. We firmly believe that China does not discriminate in the name of religion and provide equal opportunity of development of all its people. The remarkable progress and economic arise of China is good for global community. The prosperity of China contributes to global prosperity. Any attempt to contain and undermine of China by its detractors for political score will have negative impact on global community. We shall heed the call by President Xi to cooperate and work together, especially in the global environment that has been negatively impacted by Covid-19. We should work together to create a community with a shared future for mankind.

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