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6 JULY 2021

General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jinping,

Members of the Central Committee of the CPC,

Leaders from political parties around the world,

Comrades and friends,

It is a great honour and privilege, on behalf of the 109-year-old African National Congress of South Africa, to convey to the Communist Party of China revolutionary greetings on the great and solemn occasion of its centenary.

This is indeed a joyous occasion for the people not only of China, but of the world.

For us as South Africans, this is a particularly auspicious moment, because we are this month also celebrating the 100th anniversary of the formation of the South African Communist Party, the close ally of the ANC. The South African Communist Party is a revolutionary organisation that played a central role in our struggle for freedom and democracy.

We are here today representing movements from different parts of the world, but we share a common desire for peace, for understanding, for progress and development.

Many of us who are participating in this summit owe a great debt of gratitude to the Communist Party of China for its unwavering support and solidarity as we have fought for liberation and independence and as we have worked to develop our nations together.

We applaud the CPC’s internationalist policies, which over the course of many decades have promoted multinationalism, understanding and peace.

As Africans, we deeply appreciate the progressive policies that China has pursued in supporting the development of our continent Africa and the aspirations of our people.

We do this convinced and committed that indeed China has been a good friend and loyal friend to many of us on the African continent.

Through measures like the Belt and Road Initiative and extensive skills development, China continues to support economic reform, infrastructure development, enhanced trade and greater integration among African economies.

We therefore welcome and commend the declaration by President Xi Jinping that:

“The Party will continue to work with all peace-loving countries and peoples to promote the shared human values of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, and freedom.”

We concur with President Xi Jinping that we must continue working to promote the building of a human community with a shared future.

As the world confronts the coronavirus pandemic, we are called upon to give material effect to the principles of unity, compassion and solidarity,.

We are called upon to use our multilateral institutions to bridge the huge divide that exists between wealthy countries and poorer nations in access to medicines, vaccines, diagnostics and other essential supplies.

At this moment, we need to work together as never before to ensure that no person is denied access to COVID-19 vaccines because of where in the world they live, because of their gender, their race or language, or because of their personal circumstances.

As political parties from across the world, we need to take a firm stance against vaccine imperialism and vaccine nationalism, not only because it is morally indefensible, but because it will defer for many years the end of this pandemic that the world is facing.

As the African continent, we are seeking the support of the nations of the world for our efforts to secure vaccines for our citizens, to develop our own vaccine manufacturing capacity and to secure a TRIPS waiver at the WTO to rapidly expand global vaccine production.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank the Government and people of China for the generous provision of vaccines, personal protective equipment and other vital medical supplies for our continental response to COVID-19.

We listened with intent as President Xi Jinping explained the journey of building a moderately prosperous China, the realisation of the first centenary goal.

We are inspired by the progress that China has made to eradicate absolute poverty in the largest developing economy on the planet.

The historic achievements of the CPC have been made more possible because it has placed the needs and interests of the people at the centre of its work.

We wholeheartedly endorse the statement by President Xi Jinping that:

“The people are the true heroes, for it is they who create history.”

As the African National Congress, we are honoured to have a strategic relationship with the Communist Party of China and regard the CPC as a true, reliable and valued friend.

I thank you and I say congratulations for the achievements of a hundred year of CPC’s existence. May the CPC exist for another 100 years.

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