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Envoys to China Visit Zhangjiakou Competition Zone of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games


On February 13 to 14, 2021, at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, diplomatic envoys and senior diplomats from more than 30 countries, including Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia, visited Zhangjiakou competition zone of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.


State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a meeting and a reception with the envoys. Wang Yi said, the Chinese government attaches great importance to the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics, with President Xi Jinping personally providing guidance and International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach expressing confidence and support on many occasions. At present, China has entered the one-year countdown to the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, with all preparations progressing in an orderly manner. China stands ready to work with all parties to hold a simple, safe and excellent Winter Olympic Games and do this in a green, sharing, open and clean manner.

Wang Yi said, to make the Beijing Winter Olympics a success is to live up to the confidence of the people of all countries in overcoming the pandemic, the eager anticipation of the athletes, the hard work of all the builders and volunteers of the Games, and the good wishes of people all over the world who love peace and uphold the Olympic spirit. He believes that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be a bridge that transcends ideologies, communicates different civilizations and connects the hearts of mankind, leading to a better future of a community with a shared future for mankind. The Chinese people sincerely invite friends from all over the world to gather in Beijing next year to enjoy this great event of ice and snow. China warmly welcomes delegations from all countries to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and will definitely make the Games worthwhile.


Deputy Governor of Hebei Province and Vice President of the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Xu Jianpei, Deputy Governor of Hebei Province Xia Yanjun and other officials attended the event and introduced the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. They said the Beijing Organising Committee, following the requirements proposed by President Xi Jinping, will steadily advance the preparatory work in all aspects including organization and management, venue and infrastructure construction, event organization and venue operation, and service guarantee to complete all tasks with high standards and quality, and welcome the arrival of guests and athletes with an open attitude.

The envoys strictly followed the pandemic prevention measures and took the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway to Zhangjiakou competition zone. They visited National Ski Jumping Centre, National Biathlon Centre, National Cross-Country Centre, the site for Freestyle Skiing and Winter Olympic Village. The envoys thank the Chinese side for its kind invitation, appreciate China's remarkable achievements in overcoming special difficulties such as the COVID-19 pandemic and advancing preparations for the Winter Olympic Games, and put forward many useful suggestions for the organization of the Games. The envoys said they look forward to China holding a successful Winter Olympic Games, and believe the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will become a milestone of humanity's victory over the pandemic.

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