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Xi Jinping Meets Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

On 10 November 2014, President Xi Jinping met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Great Hall of the People at the latter's request who is in China for the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting.

Xi Jinping said that China and Japan are close neighbors. A stable and healthy growth of China-Japan relations serves the fundamental interests of the two peoples, and meets the hope of the international community. The Chinese government always attaches importance to the relationship with Japan and stands for the development of China-Japan relations on the basis of the four political documents between the two sides and in the spirit of "taking history as a mirror and looking forward to the future".

Xi Jinping pointed out that the rights and wrongs behind the serious difficulty in China-Japan relations over the past two years are clear. The two sides have released a four-point principled agreement on handling and improving the bilateral relations. It is hoped that the Japanese side would properly handle relevant issues in strict accordance with the spirit of the above-mentioned agreement. Xi Jinping stressed that the issue of history bears on the national sentiment of the over 1.3 billion Chinese people, as well as overall peace, stability and development of the region. Only by following the bilateral political documents between China and Japan and honoring the commitments made by successive administrations of Japan, including the Murayama Statement, can Japan develop amicable relations oriented toward the future with its Asian neighbors.

Xi Jinping pointed out that it is important to act along the progressive trend of the times in order to build a stable and sound China-Japan relationship. It is hoped that Japan would stay on the path of peaceful development, follow a prudent military and security policy, make more efforts to increase mutual trust with neighboring countries and play a constructive role in safeguarding regional peace and stability.

Shinzo Abe said that China's peaceful development means important opportunities for Japan and the world at large. The Japanese side is ready to implement the four-point principled agreement, properly handle relevant issues, and take the agreement as a new starting point to advance the process of improvement and development of the Japan-China strategic relationship of mutual benefit. Japan is resolute in following the path of peaceful development. The sitting Japanese government will carry on with the views held by successive Japanese governments on the issue of history. The Japanese side supports the Chinese side in holding a successful APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting.

State Councilor Yang Jiechi attended the meeting.

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