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Online Posters Show and Exhibition of the Centennial History of the Communist Party of China and China-Zimbabwe cooperation

The year 2021 marks the centenary of the founding of the CPC. During the century-long struggle, the CPC has rallied and led the Chinese people in blazing a great path, making great achievements, forging a great spirit. It has also accumulated valuable experience and created an impressive miracle in the history of the Chinese nation and of human society.

On this occasion, We publishes a series of posters depicting key events during the Party's 100-year path to glory and hosts an Online Exhibition of the Centennial History of the Communist Party of China, seeking to present a panoramic view of the glorious journey of the Chinese nation.

We invite you to visit the posters show and exhibition through our website or by scanning the QR code below or clicking the following link:


(for the posters show)


 (for the exhibition)

(for the exhibition)

We also prepare an Online Photo Exhibition of China-Zimbabwe bilateral cooperation at part II. 

Part I CPC's 100-year path to glory











 Part II China-Zimbabwe bilateral cooperation

Political Exchanges




































Anti-epidemic cooperation





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