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Remarks by Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe

Recently some have made a series of accusations on social media against Chinese enterprises in Zimbabwe by circulating some unidentified video clips. All these accusations ultimately target China-Zimbabwe cooperation and China's foreign policy towards Zimbabwe. Obviously, this is an organized and systematic smear campaign against China.

The Chinese Government, in accordance with the laws and regulations, protects the legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese enterprises and citizens. And at the same time, the Government always requires them to abide by the law and regulations of the host countries and respect local culture and customs.

The Embassy supports Zimbabwe's law enforcement agencies to transparently and openly investigate and handle any disputes in accordance with the law of Zimbabwe. It is important that a complete and truthful account of the dispute is made available. Trial by some on social media, based on some fragmented video clips and irresponsible accusations, has to make people doubt their real intention.

To do its utmost to support Zimbabwe and its people is China's foreign policy towards Zimbabwe. China's assistance to and cooperation with Zimbabwe have been playing an important role in improving development of Zimbabwe. It is our consistent policy not to attach any political strings or economic compulsion to our assistance.

China-Zimbabwe friendship and cooperation will not be affected by slander or vilifying by any individual or force. The move to undermine the good relations between China and Zimbabwe will make us more confident and motivated to develop profound friendship and fruitful cooperation between our two countries.

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