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Instructions on How to Apply for Chinese Visas
Please be advised that the consular jurisdiction of the Chinese Consulate-General in Brisbane is the State of Queensland only. Therefore, it can only accept visa applications lodged in-person or by post of those who are resident living in Queensland.


The check list for applicants who wish to submit an application:


¨         A valid original passport with at least two blank visa pages and at least 6-month validity.

¨         One recently taken passport-sized photograph affixed to the visa form which shows entire face, without a hat .

¨         One completed Chinese Visa Application Form (click here to download) signed by THE applicant. Children's application form can be signed by their parents or guardians.

¨         Supporting documents which may varies according to the nature of the application.

¨        Formal invitation letter or company referrence letter for "F" visa application

¨         Please refer to Special Additional Requirements Regarding Applications by Post below for further information with regard to applications by post.


Please note:


For Business or F Visa, an invitation letter (faxed one is acceptable) from a department of Chinese Government or a Chinese company. As an alternative, a letter of introduction from an Australian company may be accepted.


For Student or X Visa, a JW-201 or JW-202 form issued by the Ministry of Education of China and a letter of admission from the school concerned.


For Work or Z Visa, an employment permit issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security OR the State Administration of Foreign Experts of China, and a letter of invitation from a relevant Department of Chinese Government OR a Government-authorized company.


For Journalist Visa or J-1 or J-2 Visa, a letter of invitation issued by a relevant Department of Chinese Government AND a letter of introduction from the employer.


Transit Visa or G Visa, applicants need to produce a valid visa for the country of destination.


For Tourist or L Visa, applicants need to provide the specific contact details of the person to visit in China such as name, residential address and contact number in China, OR a copy of E-ticket or travel itinerary.


    Please note, for those who intend to visit China's Tibet, a permit issued by Tibetan Tourist Bureau is required. Please call +86-891-6834313 or fax to +86-891-6834632 for their assistance.


Special Additional Requirements Regarding Applications by Post:


The Chinese Consulate-General in Brisbane ONLY accepts applications of those who reside in the State of Queensland and the post should be sent from within the State of Queensland. The Consulate does not accept rush or emergent application by post, therefore please leave more time in advance (but no more than 3 months) to apply for visa by post before your entry into China.


Please refer to the following check list regarding the special additional requirements:-

¨         Aparts from the visa fee, an additional A$ 10 per package for handling fees.

¨         A self-addressed, pre-paid return envelope.

¨         Each package can contain no more than 4 original passports.


All of the above mentioned requirements shall be met for applications by post.


The Chinese Consulate-General in Brisbane does NOT take any responsibility for the loss or damage of documents sent to it or returned by postal or courier services.


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