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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on February 20, 2013

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei held a press conference on February 20, 2013.

Hong Lei started the press conference with the following announcement:

At the invitation of the government of Sierra Leone, Minister Jiang Weixin of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will attend the inauguration ceremony of President Ernest Bai Koroma in Freetown on February 22 as the Special Representative of President Hu Jintao.

Q: Philippine Foreign Ministry issued a statement yesterday, saying that it would push forward the arbitration process against China on the South China Sea dispute between the two countries. What is your comment?

A: Both the Philippines and China are signatories to the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in South China Sea (DOC) and have made commitments on comprehensive and earnest implementation of the DOC. We disapprove of the Philippine Foreign Ministry's practice of bringing international arbitration and have made clear our opposition stance.

China maintains that the dialogue framework supported by most countries in the region should be upheld. We will continue to make efforts to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea and unswervingly safeguard national sovereignty and interests.

Q: Does China keep communication with the US on the issue of hacker attack?

A: China and the US have maintained communication on relevant issue. As I said yesterday, cyber attack is a global problem and should be resolved through constructive international cooperation on the basis of mutual trust and respect. It is neither professional nor responsible to make groundless speculations and accusations on hacker attacks for various purposes, which does not help solve the problem. The Chinese government has always firmly opposed to and combatted cyber attacks in accordance with the law. China is one of the main victims of cyber attacks. As far as we know, cyber attacks against China mainly originate from the US. China, Russia and some other countries jointly submitted a draft of International Code of Conduct for Information Security to the UN in September 2011. China calls on the international community to formulate a code of conduct of responsible countries for cyber security on the basis of the draft and jointly build a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative cyberspace to safeguard the common interests of the international community.

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