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Consul General Hong Lei Attended CAAGC's 11th New Staff Inauguration Ceremony

On August 5th, 2018, Consul General Hong Lei attended the 11th New Staff Inauguration Ceremony of the Chinese American Association of Greater Chicago (CAAGC) in Chicago’s Chinatown. Among the 400 people who attended the event were Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs, Illinois State Representative Theresa Mah, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, representative of Governor’s office Thomas Choi, as well as CAAGC’s incoming Chairwoman Zheng Zheng, outgoing Chairman Wang Xingwu, and other Chinese community leaders and Chinese students.

At the ceremony, Consul General Hong Lei congratulated CAAGC both on their 20th year of service, as well as their recent election of new leadership. He said that CAAGC serves as the unifying organization of Chicago’s overseas Chinese community associations. CAAGC has always stood on the front lines to provide service to Chicago’s overseas Chinese, promote the development of China-US relations, support the peaceful reunification of China, and share Chinese culture. All in all, CAAGC has played a leading role in the overseas Chinese community of Chicago thanks to the tireless efforts of its leaders.

Consul General Hong Lei stated that at the current moment, the development of China-US relations has reached an important juncture. As the world’s two largest economic powers and permanent members of the UN Security Council, China and the US must peacefully coexist, exercise mutual respect, and work together for shared achievements as this is the only right choice. Both countries must pursue cooperation instead of confrontation. Regarding the current threat from Taiwan’s pro-independence movement, Consul General Hong Lei claimed that it is of utmost importance and benefit, not only to all Chinese around the world, but to the US as well, to advocate the peaceful reunification of China. As Chicago is home to over 100,000 overseas Chinese, their every thought and every dream should be what the overseas Chinese associations strive for. Consul General Hong Lei hopes that CAAGC’s new leadership continues the tradition of providing service to Chicago’s overseas Chinese, advocating for the growth in China-US cooperation, pushing for peaceful cross-Strait reunification and opposing Taiwan’s pro-independence movement, and spreading the wonders of Chinese culture.

CAAGC’s incoming Chairwoman Zheng Zheng pronounced the organization under its new leadership will strive to congregate the sentiments and amass the strength of the overseas Chinese community, set aside differences with partnering organizations and stride forward hand-in-hand, expand communication and collaboration and assimilate into the mainstream, promote the friendly bond between China and the US, provide service to, as well as pursue and protect the rights and benefits of, and ultimately bestow prosperity and development on the overseas Chinese community of Chicago.

CAAGC’s outgoing Chairman Wang Xingwu said that having served as Chairman of CAAGC for four years, his efforts were rewarded with endless returns. CAAGC’s mission will forever remain fresh.

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