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Circular on the Information needed for the China-bound Travellers who have taken the COVID-19 Vaccines

Starting from 1 March 2021, any travellers from New Zealand to China who have got vaccinated against COVID-19, be they the Chinese citizens or foreigners, are requested to provide the COVID-19 vaccination certificates in addition to the currently required negative results of COVID-19 PCR and IgM antibody tests, when applying for the health codes (health declaration forms). A COVID-19 vaccination certificate must include the applicant's full name, gender, date of birth, name of COVID-19 vaccine, injection dates of the first and the second doses, and the location of vaccination. The certificate must be signed by the vaccinating doctor or imprinted with the stamp of his medical institute. The Chinese diplomatic and consular missions in New Zealand will review the application for the health QR code accordingly. The green health QR code (health declaration form) and the COVID-19 vaccination certificate shall be ready for inspection at the airport check-ins.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I still need to take a COVID-19 IgM antibody test for going to China even if I have taken the COVID-19 vaccine?

COVID-19 PCR and IgM antibody tests are still required even after COVID-19 vaccination. The COVID-19 vaccination certificate shall be uploaded even if the COVID-19 IgM antibody test shows a positive result.

2. How to upload the vaccine certificate?

The website of Health Declaration Certificate has been updated and a relevant question has been added as shown in the picture below:

For those who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine, please tick Yes and then follow the instructions as shown on the screen to complete all the questions and upload the vaccination certificate.

3. Can I apply for the health QR code (health declaration form) if the COVID-19 vaccination certificate is not available?

If an applicant has taken the COVID-19 vaccine but not received the certificate yet, the application for the health QR code (health declaration form) will be declined.

4. Can I get an exemption from the quarantine after arriving in China if I have taken the vaccine against COVID-19?

At the moment, all travellers arriving in China are subject to managed quarantine and relevant tests. The Disease Control and Prevention Office at the port of entry has the final interpretation of the quarantine requirements and types of test.


Embassy of the People's Republic of China in New Zealand                           

Chinese Consulate-General in Auckland                                      

Chinese Consulate-General in Christchurch                                    

                                                                            19 February 2021   

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