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Chinese Community in Cape Town Make a Donation to Renew Binoculars for Shark Spotters
From Cape Times Thursday, May 17,2018


AFTER receiving a donation of R20 000 from the Chinese community's Southern African North-east Chamber of Commerce, Shark Spotters completed their funding campaign by raising R60 000 for new binoculars.

The organization is a sustainable shark safety organization that reduces the risk of shark bites.

Shark Spotters chief executive Sara Weiss explained that they had been fund-raising for much-needed binoculars as the ones they were currently using were old, worn out and not as high-powered.

"This will enable spotters to have the best tools to keep people safe. They will be able to see things further, and to identify threats and species of shark," she said.


Chinese community donated R 20 000 rand to Shark Spotters

The People's Republic of China deputy consul general in Cape Town, Cao Li, said: "It feels good to be able to help, to increase the value of wildlife protection. This organization had purchased 35 binoculars at a reduced price.

Weiss said although they had reached their target, they encouraged continued donation, as the organization had other needs.

Donations can be made at

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