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Chinese Embassy and Consulate in UAE Convene the Ninth Video Conference on Epidemic Prevention and Control for Chinese Enterprises and Mid-year Enterprise Exchange Meeting

In order to better prevent and control the pandemic in Chinese enterprises, keep the stability of foreign investment and trade, and prevent the coronavirus from entering the country, the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in the UAE held the ninth video meeting on the prevention and control of the epidemic for Chinese enterprises in the UAE on August 19, which also served as the Mid-year Enterprise Exchange Meeting. Consul General Li Xuhang in Dubai presided over the meeting, and Ambassador Ni Jian in the UAE delivered a speech. Heads of nearly 30 Chinese-funded enterprises in UAE attended the meeting. Among them, the heads of PetroChina Middle East, CSCEC Middle East, and SEPCO III made speeches for exchanges at the meeting.

Ambassador Ni Jian introduced the current situation of the epidemic over the world and in the UAE, conveyed the latest instructions from relevant departments in China on the prevention and control of Covid-19 in overseas projects. He emphasized that enterprises should strengthen their sense of mission and their consciousness of the need to think in big-picture. They should be clear about potential dangers and make no slack in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Ambassador Ni Jian made five work arrangements for the enterprises on behalf of the Embassy and Consulate: First, follow the Party’s policy and make sure that all responsibilities for the epidemic prevention and control are fulfilled. Second, strictly control the gateways that cases can enter the country and arrange proper and orderly shifts for employees. Third, continue to keep the “dual-stability", that is the stability of foreign investment and trade. Take care of employees from both physical and mental levels. Fourth, forestall and defuse various major risks. Conduct investigation and rectification on a regular basis. Fifth, strengthen the consciousness of compliance in business operation and strictly abide by international rules and local laws and regulations.

Consul General Li Xuhang asked all enterprises to strictly implement the instructions and the work arrangements. He made four requirements. First, seriously carry out epidemic prevention and avoid cluster infections. Second, prevent the coronavirus from entering the country and organize the returning to China for people in need in an orderly manner. Third, ensure safety and effectively forestall and defuse risks. The Chinese Embassy and Consulate in the UAE will upgrade the current joint prevention and control mechanism of the epidemic to a level that covers the entire territory of the UAE and make every effort to continue to solve problems for enterprises. Fourth, respond to emergencies properly and be fully prepared for the prolonged epidemic situation.

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