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Supplementary Notice on the Application of "HDC" Code for Passengers from Saudi Arabia to China before Boarding the Plane

Based on the notice of August 12th , please notice the new instructions about applying "HDC" code for Passengers from Saudi Arabia to China:

I. Starting from September 5th , passengers who take the flight of SV884 from Saudi Arabia to China should take the tests of PCR and IgM within 48 hours before boarding at Al Arab Medical Laboratories (attachment 1) during 9 am to 12 am, or 3 pm to 6 pm on Tuesday of the week of the flight. Passengers can take the 14 days test at any other designated institutions except Al Arab Medical Laboratories, and enter a closed loop of self-quarantine after obtaining a negative test result.

  The above change will be conducted on a trial basis for one month. Please pay attention to further notice.

  Al Arab Medical Laboratories has established special booking channel for SV884 passengers. Please book in advance through the following link: https://testcorona.co/tests?hospitalId=358#booking-header

II. Please upload the required documents to the WeChat mini app of Health Code International Version (attachment 2) or visit the website with the link of https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/ or scan the QR code (attachment 3). To facilitate the process of obtaining the health code, please make sure to upload all the required documents by 9 am on the day before the flight (Wednesday). When filling in the information, please select the test institution for the 14 days in the "Sampling agency" option, and select the sampling time of 48 hours in the "Sampling time" option.

III. Passengers who get vaccinated should complete all the doses of the series, and take the required tests and self-quarantine at least 14 days after the last dose injection.

IV. Passengers who have a COVID-19 infection record, referring to those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 by a medical institution, or have a positive test record of PCR, IgM or IgG antibody test (not including positive test result due to vaccination), though never diagnosed with COVID-19 by a medical institution, indeed need to go to China, please follow the instructions:

1, Confirmation of recovery (pre-review). After recovery, please send a healthy proof of lung CT or X-ray examination report with clearly diagnosis at a local qualified hospital and two cross negative nucleic acid test reports (with at least 24 hours interval, PCR test must be conducted at the same time or after CT or X-ray examination) to consulatesau@163.com or consulate_jeddah@mfa.gov.cn with the title of "name+ application of recovery confirmation".

2, Health monitoring. After receiving the response of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate for passing the application, please carry out a two-month health monitoring. With a good state of health after the monitoring, passengers can prepare the required health code tests and conduct the 14 days closed loop of self-quarantine.

V. Passengers who have unprotected contacts with confirmed Covid-19 patients or asymptomatic corona virus carriers, should conduct 14 days closed loop of self-quarantine, and take PCR tests on the first, fourth and seventh day during the self-quarantine, with three negative test results, then take the PCR and IgM tests within 48 hours before boarding.


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"Notice on Cross Test and Adjustment of Designated Testing Institutions for Passengers from Saudi Arabia to China before Boarding the Plane" , issued on August 12th  (http://www.chinaembassy.org.sa/eng/xwdt/t1872667.htm)

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