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Wang Yi Meets with Afghan Foreign Minister Mohammed Haneef Atmar

On July 14, 2021 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Afghan Foreign Minister Mohammed Haneef Atmar in Dushanbe.

Wang Yi said that China and Afghanistan are good neighbors connected by common mountains and rivers. China attaches great importance to the China-Afghanistan strategic partnership, and will work with Afghanistan to prepare for the high-level contact between the two countries so as to release positive signals of peace. China will continue to provide Afghanistan with pandemic-control supports, including vaccines, till the latter overcomes COVID-19. China hopes that the Afghan government could make sure the Chinese people and institutions are safe in Afghanistan.

Wang Yi said, the hasty drawdown of the United States and the NATO escalated tensions and wars in Afghanistan, bringing the Afghan issue to crossroads. China, holding an "Afghan-led and Afghan-owned" principle, supports the building of an inclusive political structure in Afghanistan through dialogues and negotiations, supports Afghanistan to stand as an independent and neutral nation observing moderate Muslim policies, and supports Afghanistan to battle all forms of terrorism and co-exist with all its neighbors. The pressing task at present is to prevent civil wars and to resume negotiations within the Afghans, in order to work out solutions for political reconciliation and, in particular, prevent any terrorist forces from inflating and Afghanistan from becoming the home of terrorists.

Wang Yi quoted a Chinese saying that "We remain brothers after all the vicissitudes; smile when we meet again and forgo the old grudges". All Afghans, regardless of their ethnic groups or factions, are members of the Afghan family and should shoulder the responsibility of building peace. He hopes the Afghan government be more confident of the peace talks and create necessary conditions for the reconciliation. He added that the Taliban should stand clear of any and all terrorist forces.

Wang Yi stressed that China never attempts to interfere in Afghanistan's internal affairs, nor does it act out of any geopolitical concerns. China will continue to respect Afghanistan's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and believes the Afghan people have the capability to take care of their country. China will provide convenience in need, such as hosting in China the negotiations within the Afghans, to help solve the Afghan issue through political solutions.

Mohammed Haneef Atmar extended warm congratulations on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. He said, China is a good friend and good neighbor of Afghanistan. His country looks forward to enhancing cooperation with China in areas of politics, economy and security. Afghanistan totally agrees with China's standpoint on the Afghan issue, and wishes to intensify cooperation with China under bilateral and multilateral frameworks to solve the Afghan issue through political solutions. Afghanistan will work with China to strengthen security cooperation in order to fight against the East Turkistan Islamic Movement and other terrorist organizations and prevent them from doing any harm to China in Afghanistan. He appreciated China's supports for his country's battle against the pandemic and said the Afghan government will do its best to make the Chinese people and institutions safe in Afghanistan.

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