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Eliminating Racism and Building a World of Equality for All

Statement by H.E. Wang Yi
State Councilor and Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China
At the High-level Meeting of the UN General Assembly to
Commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Adoption of
The Durban Declaration and Programme of Action

22 September 2021

Mr. Chair,

Eliminating racism in all its forms and ensuring that everyone is equal in dignity and rights is the spirit of the UN Charter and a manifestation of international fairness and justice.

The Durban Declaration and Programme of Action is a banner for the global movement against racism and a shared commitment of all countries. It is most timely and crucial for the General Assembly to hold this commemorative meeting on the 20th anniversary of this guiding document. China warmly welcomes and firmly supports this initiative.

Slave trade and colonialism are the primary root causes of racism. People of African and Asian descent and indigenous peoples were victims of such practices in the past, and continue to bear their consequences even today. The relevant countries should at least have the courage to face up to this disgraceful past, and take measures to end the sufferings caused by their practices. More important, they are duty-bound to take the lead in rejecting racism in all its forms.

China urges all countries to adopt a zero-tolerance attitude, build and improve their legal frameworks against racism, and fully and earnestly implement the relevant resolutions of the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council. In particular, countries should truly resolve systemic racism and law enforcement violence, prohibit the incitement of racial hostility, and end impunity.

China advocates more dialogue and exchanges between races and between cultures, and rejects arrogance and prejudice based on race, color or language. China believes in a culture of respect, tolerance and equality, and a social environment free from discrimination. In this respect, political leaders and the media should take up their special responsibilities.

China calls for the ensurance of the right to development for all, so as to eradicate the breeding ground for racism, including poverty, marginalization, social exclusion and economic gap, and break the vicious cycle between social inequality and racism. To this end, it is imperative to accelerate the implementation of UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and leave no individual and no country behind.

China supports the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action and will continue its implementation. We will work with all countries in unrelenting efforts to eliminate racism and build a world of equality for all.

Thank you.

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