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Consulate General of the People's Republic of China Holds Donation Ceremony for Rakshak Foundation

On October 9,the Consulate General in Kolkata held a donation ceremony for Rakshak Foundation to support Chinese Foreign Ministry's poverty alleviation program.Consul General Zha Liyou and his wife Zheng Huiqun,Managing Trustee of the Foundation Ms Chaitali Das and her son Mr.Rishavraj Das as well as all of the consulate staff members and their spouses attended the ceremony.

On behalf of the Consulate,Consul General Zha expressed high and sincere appreciation of Ms.Das's charitable donation,noting that this was a precedent of common Indian people supporting Chinese people's efforts in poverty alleviation. Though the amount was moderate,it was of great significance,reflecting a enthusiasm between Indian people and Chinese people in joining hands to tackle poverty and improve people's lives. It told another good story in the people-to-people exchanges between East India and China.

Ms.Das said that her visit to Yunnan this July had given her a first-hand and real situation understanding of Chinese Foreign Ministry's poverty alleviation program. Deeply moved by the Chinese government and its people's poverty alleviation efforts,she decided to come forward and donate a library for the impoverished children in Jinping County of Yunnan Province in the name of Rakshak Foundation and make a small contribution to China's poverty alleviation program.

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