Wang Yi Meets Foreign Minister Marise Payne of Australia

On August 2, 2019 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met at request with Foreign Minister Marise Payne of Australia in Bangkok, Thailand.

Wang Yi said, at the diplomatic and strategic dialogue held in Beijing in November last year, we agreed that China-Australia relations should be calibrated and set sail again. But it is a regret that the process of improvement in China-Australia relations is unsatisfactory. There was no historical grudge or conflict in fundamental interests between China and Australia. Instead, the interests of the two countries are highly complementary. It is hoped that the Australian side will meet the Chinese side halfway, uphold the principles of mutual respect and treating each other equally, properly handle differences, and increase consensus and trust so as to push China-Australia relations back to the right track as soon as possible. The Australian side is welcome to share the opportunities brought by China's reform and opening up. It is hoped that the Australian side will stick to the concept of openness and inclusiveness and create a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory business environment for Chinese enterprises.

Marise Payne said, Australia and China are comprehensive strategic partners and Australia-China relations are win-win and cooperative. The Australian side values and recognizes China's potential in growth and development, and appreciates China's tremendous achievements in poverty reduction and development. Although there are some difficulties in the bilateral relations, the Australian side is ready to join hands with the Chinese side to promote dialogue and communication, seek more consensus, expand cooperation in trade and investment and push forward healthy development of bilateral relations on the basis of mutual respect. On the 5G issue, the Australian side will make its decision independently and adopt no policies discriminating specific countries or enterprises.