Nasdaq and the Chinese Consulate Marks Chinese New Year with Bell Ringing Ceremony

January 22, 2020 was just two days before the Chinese lunar new year of the mouse.The Nasdaq Stock Exchange at Times Square of New York was full of festive atmosphere on that day.The Chinese Consulate General in New York and the NASDAQ Group jointly held a bell ringing ceremony to celebrate the Chinese New Year here. Consul General in New York Ambassador Huang Ping and his wife Zhang Aiping, ringed the closing bell for the stock market, and welcomed the the coming year of the mouse with the guests. Senior Vice President of the NASDAQ Group,Robert McCooey, Deputy Consul General Qian Jin,and representatives of Chinese institutions and media in the consular district attended the ceremony.

Huang Ping highly praised Nasdaq for holding the bell ringing ceremony to celebrate the Chinese New Year for many years, and said that the zodiac mouse symbolizes shrewdness, agility and diligence in the traditional Chinese culture, which are also outstanding qualities of investors. On behalf of the Chinese Consulate General in New York, he also extended his warmest festive greetings and best wishes to the guests, American friends and Chinese community in the consular district.

Huang Ping said that 2019 was a landmark year. Nasdaq hit 9000 points for the first time, which is worthy of our congratulations. For China, 2019 marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. With concrete efforts, China's GDP is expected to near 100 trillion yuan and the per capita figure is on track to 10,000 US dollars. Having the most promising market and fastest-growing middle-income population, China will continue to reach out its arms, open up its market, and contribute to the global growth. For China and the United States, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of China-US diplomatic relations. Though we experienced ups and downs in 2019, the Phase-One trade deal was finally signed last week, which is a boon to China, the United States, and the whole world. It shows that our two countries have the ability to act on the basis of equality and mutual respect, and work through dialogue and consultation to properly handle and effectively resolve relevant issues.

Huang Ping ended his remark with three wishes. He wished Nasdaq will set new highs, China-US relations will have a better future and China will be more prosperous.

Robert McCooey warmly welcomed Amb.Huang Ping and wife,as well as the guests at the ceremony, and wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year in Chinese. He said that NASDAQ has been firmly committed to cooperating with China for many years, and more than 100 Chinese companies have been listed here. Their entrepreneurship will help the United States and China develop and progress together.

In the deafening countdown, Huang Ping pressed the button to ring the closing bell. Suddenly, bright colored paper floated, applause and cheering echoed each other.

The Nasdaq Stock Exchange's giant electronic screen at Times Square live broadcasted the clock ringing ceremony and scrolled the video clips showing the traditional culture of the Chinese New Year, attracting pedestrians to stop and watch, and let New Yorkers and tourists from all over the world also shared the auspicious celebrations of the Chinese New Year.