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Consul General Huang Ping Visited Cleveland

On August 5th, Consul General Huang Ping visited Cleveland, Ohio. During his stay, he met with Mayor Frank Jackson, visited Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic, discussed with delegates from the Cleveland business field, and visited the local Chinese communities.

When meeting with Mayor Jackson, Huang Ping said that since the establishment of China-US diplomatic ties 40 years ago, the deepening of their bilateral collaboration has brought huge benefits to not only their people but also the world. The common interests between China and the US far outweigh the differences. There is no winner in the trade war. China doesn’t look forward to the escalation of the economic and trade frictions. The US violated the commitment to raise tariffs, which is against the benefits of the people from both countries. China is firmly committed to peaceful development. China's new round of reform and opening-up will unleash huge market potential and create enormous business opportunities to the US and other countries. China and the US should properly handle trade contrasts through consultation based on mutual respect, equality, and mutual benefit.

According to Huang Ping, there is huge potential lying in the China-US regional collaboration, which is an important growth point of bilateral relations. Cleveland has advantages in health care, education, science and technology, sports, culture, and other fields. It also has a good environment for investment, living, and studying. The Consulate General of the PRC in New York will actively support Cleveland in bolstering exchanges and collaboration with China, expanding the pie of cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Mayor Jackson warmly welcomed Huang Ping. He said that the corporation between Cleveland and China in health care, education and sports has promoted communication and understanding between them and brought opportunities for Cleveland. The trade friction has harmed both sides and generated heavy losses to Ohio's agricultural exports. China and the US should step up communication and strive to properly resolve trade friction as soon as possible. Cleveland will continue supporting exchanges and collaboration with China, and the municipal government is willing to do its best to assist Chinese enterprises, students and overseas Chinese developing here.

When visiting Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Huang Ping met with Barbara R. Snyder, the President of the university and David Fleshler, Vice Provost for International Affairs. He also discussed with professors from the schools of law, applied social sciences and engineering. Huang ping briefed on the latest situation of China and China-US relations. As a famous institution ranked top in the United States, CWRU actively cooperates with China and positively contributes to China-US cultural exchanges. Its effort is recognized by Huang Ping. Huang Ping also thanked the school leaders and professors who promoted cooperation with China and supported Chinese students. He emphasized that the China-US relationship is one of the most crucial bilateral relations in the world. Cultural exchanges are the basis for the two countries to enhance mutual trust. Educational cooperation plays a unique role in enhancing understanding and deepening friendship between China and the US. He hoped CWRU continue actively promoting China-US cultural exchanges and cooperation.

The administrators and professors attending the meeting introduced the development of the school and its corporation with Chinese universities, expressed their firm support for China-US friendship and communication as well as cooperation with China. Educational collaboration is the basis of bolstering mutual trust between the US and China. Chinese students promote the globalization of CWRU and it welcomes more Chinese students to study here. The communication between the US and China’s academics and youths will lay a solid foundation for the growth of their relationship.

At Cleveland Clinic, ranking second among overall hospitals in the US, Huang Ping listened to the introduction of Cleveland Clinic’s development plan, its organizational culture and its China-US cooperation projects, and visited the Cleveland Health Education Campus. Huang said that with the stable improvement of Chinese people's living standards and the increasing demand for high-level medical services, there is huge potential for China-US medical cooperation. It is hoped that Cleveland medical center will continue to strengthen cooperation with China, actively exploit the Chinese market and promote the continuous improvement of China's medical and health services.

When meeting with representatives of the Cleveland business community, Huang Ping introduced China's new round of reform and opening up. He emphasized that despite the current difficulties and challenges in China-US relations, the more difficult times call for more confidence and communication from all sectors of the society. We need to jointly maintain the overall interests of China-US relations. It is hoped that the Cleveland business community will continue to play its role as a bridge, actively support bilateral economic and trade cooperation as well as deliver a positive voice of China-US friendship and mutual benefit.

Representatives of the Cleveland business community warmly welcomed Huang Ping, stressing that the Cleveland business community attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation with China and looks forward to further strengthening practical collaboration with China in science and technology, medical care, industrial manufacturing, etc., and further enhancing the traditional friendship with the Chinese.

When visiting local Chinese in Cleveland, Huang Ping said that overseas Chinese is an important part of the diversity of the US and a bond to enhance mutual understanding and trust between China and the US. The Consulate General will continue to uphold the concept of “exercising governance for the people”, protect and assist overseas Chinese and implements the measures serving them. Huang Ping hopes that the overseas Chinese will fully take their advantages and contribute positively to China-US relations.

Located in northern Ohio, Cleveland covers an area of about 213 square kilometers and has a population of nearly 400,000. It is the second-largest city in Ohio.

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