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Consul General Huang Ping Visited Harrisburg, the state capital of Pennsylvania

On August 6th and 7th, Consul General Huang Ping visited Harrisburg, the state capital of Pennsylvania, on the invitation. During his stay, he met with local politicians including Governor Tom Wolf, Vice Chairman of the Dauphin County Mike Pries, Council President of Harrisburg Wanda Williams, Council Vice President Ben Allatt and Local Government Commissioner Scott Martin. He also paid visits to the Hershey Company and local Chinese.

When meeting with Governor Wolf, Huang Ping said that China has explored the proper developing pattern and made great progress in social development since the reform and opening-up 40 years ago. In the coming new era, China will deepen reform and further open to the world. However, China is still a developing country that has tens of millions of people living in poverty. China is committed to poverty alleviation, bringing better lives and the realization of "the Chinese dream" to its people. To be as advanced as the US, China still has a long way to go. China looks forward to strengthening cooperation with all the countries including the US and jointly building the community of a shared future for mankind with them. Improving mutual trust is an urgent task in the China-US relationship. He hoped the US could correctly understand China’s intention and plan for development, work together with China to relieve the friction and differences between them under the principle of mutual respect, equality, and mutual benefit. Pennsylvania has a long history of communication and collaboration with China. Its rich fruits take a lead among all eastern states in the US. He hoped the government and all sectors of the society in Pennsylvania can exert their influence to support the advancement of bilateral relations.

Governor Wolf kindly welcomed Huang Ping and his delegation to visit Pennsylvania, saying that China is a great country with a high ranking of GDP in the world. Since the reform and opening up, China has seen a speedy infrastructure construction as well as a rapid increase in its middle-class population. The Pennsylvania government attaches great importance to developing relations with China. It believes that the two countries can overcome the current difficulties and push the bilateral relations forward to benefit people of the two countries and the world. Pennsylvania will continue encouraging and bolstering exchanges and cooperation with China.

When meeting with Vice County Chairman Pries, City Council President Williams, City Council Vice President Allatt and Local Government Commissioner Martin, Huang Ping said that there are great possibilities for China-US sub-national collaboration. With the rise of China’s middle-class and the escalation of the market, the advance of China will offer great opportunities for US counties and cities. American enterprises could expect a brighter future in the Chinese market. Local companies, including Hershey, could perform better in China. There are more and more Chinese students and tourists in the US. They will boost the U.S. economy and promote understanding between the two countries’ people. He hoped that the two sides will continue following this trend of mutually beneficial cooperation and hoped the US could meet China halfway.

Vice County Chairman Pries had visited China and interacted with Chinese youths recently. He highly appreciated this experience. Pries firmly defended the China-US friendship and rigidly believed that the bilateral relationship featuring friendly development, mutually beneficial and win-win mindset will profit future generations. Dauphin county looks forward to furthering collaboration with China in the economy, trade, education, sports, and other fields and exploiting the potential of cooperation.

Council President of Harrisburg Williams, Council Vice President Allatt and Local Government Commissioner Martin warmly welcomed Huang Ping and his delegation, briefed them on the development of Harrisburg. According to them, Harrisburg and China cooperate closely in the economy, trade, education, and other fields. Harrisburg will continue strongly supporting and promoting collaboration with China.

When visiting Global 500 Company Hershey, Huang Ping learned about Hershey’s history, international development strategy, business in China and social obligation. He likewise introduced China’s conditions, especially the new round of reform and opening-up, to Hershey's President International Rohit Grover and other members of the management team. According to Huang Ping, Hershey's successful investment in China shows the huge potential of China-US economic and trade cooperation. He hoped US corporations including Hershey could expand investment in China, actively exploit the Chinese market and promote China-US economic and trade cooperation.

Huang Ping fully approved and appreciated the Chinese in Harrisburg for their contribution to China-US friendship and the spread of Chinese culture. He said that the Consulate General will continue to uphold the concept of “exercising governance for the people”, and serve the oversea Chinese practically. He hoped the Chinese people here could keep devoting to friendship, mutual trust, and pragmatic cooperation between China and the US.

With an area of 30 km² and a population of nearly 50 thousand, Harrisburg sits in the South Central of Pennsylvania as the state capital.

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