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President Hu Jintao Holds Talks with President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo KABILA

On the afternoon of March 21, 2005, President Hu Jintao held talks with President of the Democratic Republic of  the Congo (DRC) Josephe KABILA in the Great Hall of the People. Both sides reached important common consensuses on developing the long-term, stable, equal and mutually beneficial friendly and cooperative relations between China and the DRC.

Hu said that over the more than 30 years since the normalization of relations between China and the DRC the bilateral ties have been developing steadily and mutual political trust keeps deepening. Both sides have conducted fruitful cooperation in various economic and social areas and extended understanding and support to each other in international affairs. Hu noted that China thanks the DRC for consistently adhering to the one-China stance on the Taiwan question, supports the peace process and economic reconstruction of the DRC and stands ready to strengthen bilateral exchanges and cooperation at all levels and in various fields in a bid to constantly push forward China-DRC relations.

Hu made positive remarks on the bilateral economic and trade cooperation. He said that with strong economic complementarities between the two countries China and the DRC enjoy great cooperation potential. As the peace process moves ahead and economic construction is launched in the DRC, the bilateral economic and trade cooperation is facing with new opportunities. China is ready to expand the economic and trade cooperation areas with the DRC, enrich cooperative projects, discuss new ways and methods of cooperation and promote continuous growth of bilateral trade; put the HR development, agriculture and infrastructure construction high on the agenda of the governmental cooperation between the two countries. China will continue to encourage Chinese businesses to make investment and build manufacturers in the DRC and participate in the country's reconstruction efforts.

KABILA said that his delegation to China is composed of the major ministers of the transitional government, which shows the deep feeling of the DRC people towards the Chinese people and the priority we put on strengthening bilateral cooperation in an all-round way. He reiterated that the DRC firmly upholds the one-China policy, supports the Anti-Secession Law enacted by China's National People's Congress and wishes to see the reunification of China at the earliest date possible. He stressed that China is a reliable partner of the DRC and the DRC expects to constantly expand bilateral cooperation in such areas as agriculture, communications and infrastructure. Chinese businesses are welcomed to participate in the economic reconstruction of the DRC in a bid to seek common development.

Talking about China-Africa relations, Hu said that over the five years since the launch of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, pragmatic cooperation in all fields has been strengthened steadily. It clearly proves that under new historical conditions China-Africa cooperation enjoys promising prospects and strong dynamism. China is willing to make joint efforts with African countries including the DRC to improve the operation of the Forum and make new contributions to the rejuvenation and development of Africa.

KABILA thanked the Chinese people for their friendship with and support for the African people and made high remarks on the important role of the Forum in consolidating China-Africa cooperation.

Following the meeting, the two heads of state attended the signing ceremony of a number of bilateral cooperation agreements including the Agreement on China-DRC Economic and Technological Cooperation.

State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan was present at the meeting.

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