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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's Remarks on US House Speaker Pelosi's Statement on the Olympic Torch Relay in San Francisco

Q: It is reported that the US House Speaker Pelosi issued a statement recently, accusing the Chinese Government of politicizing the Olympic Torch relay and expressing her support to those who are against the torch relay in San Francisco. How do you comment on that?

Q: To hold Beijing Olympic Games is a century-old dream of all the Chinese people at home and abroad, and the shared aspiration of people worldwide, including people in the U.S. The torch relay in San Francisco is a splendid event between China and the US. People of the two countries all wish to see a successful and smooth torch relay. Regardless of the Olympic spirits and the principle of depoliticizing sports, a handful of Congressmen, without the minimum of morality and conscience, publicly incite the disturbance and sabotage against the torch relay, arousing indignation and condemnation of all the Chinese people and people with justice around the globe. Who are politicizing the Olympic torch relay? Who are repeatedly disrupting the torch relay in San Francisco out of despicable motives? Isn't it clear to all?

The resolve to hold a successful Olympic Games in Beijing is unswerving for the Chinese people and people worldwide. No one can hold back China's progress. We urge a handful of people in the US congress to stop immediately their disrupting activities to the Olympic Games and the torch relay.

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