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Assistant Foreign Minister Wu Hongbo Meets with Director of the Consular Department of Russian Foreign Ministry

On May 19, Assistant Foreign Minister Wu Hongbo met with the delegation headed by A.G. Karlov, Director of the Consular Department of Russian Foreign Ministry which is in China attending the 13th round of China-Russia consular consultation.

Wu spoke highly of the bilateral relations between China and Russia. He said Russia is an important strategic partner of China and to guarantee and promote the healthy and sustainable development of bilateral ties not only serves the fundamental interest of the Chinese and Russian people but also is very significant to maintaining regional and world peace and stability. It is hoped that the consular affairs departments of the two countries take the opportunity of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China-Russia diplomatic relations to deepen cooperation and lift the bilateral consular relations to a higher level.

Karlov thanked Wu for arranging the meeting and expressed willingness of making joint efforts with the Chinese side to promote the personnel exchanges and deepen the cooperation in all fields between the two countries.

Following the meeting, Director General Wei Wei of the Department of Consular Affairs held consultations with Karlov.

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