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Assistant Foreign Minister Wu Hongbo Invites Diplomatic Envoys of European Countries in China to Visit Chengde


Assistant Foreign Minister Wu Hongbo invited the diplomatic envoys of European countries in China to visit Chengde city, Hebei province from June 20 to 21, 2009 in order to increase their understanding about China, promote China's exchanges and cooperation with European countries at the local level and advance the development of bilateral relations. 37 diplomatic envoys, representatives of diplomatic envoys and their spouses from 27 European countries were invited to pay the visit. Wang Huiyong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Hebei Provincial Government, met with the delegation and comprehensively introduced the achievements in social and economic development as well as exchanges and cooperation with European union of Heibei province. He expressed hope that the European countries will pay higher attention to, increase understanding about and make greater efforts to promote Hebei and support the exchanges and cooperation with the province. Wu noted the foreign ministry will spare no efforts to support the development of Chengde city and Hebei province and provide effective services for Hebei to strengthen the cooperation with European countries.

During their stay in Chengde, Wu and the envoys visited the Chengde Summer Resort which is well known as the second political center of Qing Dynasty, the Puning Temple which well integrates the Han and Tibetan architectural arts and the Putuo Zongcheng Temple which is also called the Junior Potala Palace with great interest. They carefully listened to the guide's detailed introduction about the historical background of national integration and the architectural characteristics of the above historical sites. They agreed that the visit helps them enhance understanding of the economic and social development of Chengde city and Hebei province, the Tibetan Buddhism and ethnic and religious policies of China.

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