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Chinese FM Spokesperson: ASPI's Reports about Xinjiang Are Nothing but Slanderous Rhetoric without Any Credibility


At a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China on 19 October, spokesperson Wang Wenbin answered a question on the latest report of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute about Beijing's political architecture in Xinjiang.

Journalist: In its latest report, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute claims to uncover Beijing's political architecture in Xinjiang, saying that Xinjiang has been put in charge of a system of mass data collection that has investigated millions of Uyghurs. Will its remit be broadened in other parts of the country?

Wang Wenbin: This so-called institute you mentioned has long served the interests of its sponsors, and dished out numerous lies and disinformation on China and Xinjiang. Its viewpoints and clues come from anti-China US-based NGOs or so-called witness evidence that cannot be verified or traced. This discredited body lacks basic factual basis and runs against the professional ethics of academic research. The reports it fabricated, including those lies of "forced labor", are nothing but slanderous rhetoric without any credibility.

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