Wang Yi Deliver a Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the Lanting Forum on International Order and Global Governance in the Post-COVID-19 Era

On September 28, 2020, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the opening ceremony of the Lanting Forum themed "international order and global governance in the post-covid-19 era" and delivered a keynote speech.

Wang Yi said, our world is at another historic moment since World War II. The coronavirus keeps raging on, unilateral and bullying practices are rampant, and protectionism is on the rise. Where is our world headed in the post-COVID era? No country should take this question lightly, and more important, everyone should avoid making the wrong choice.

Wang Yi said, the international community has come to valuable common understandings on a number of major principles and directions at the 75th Session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. It is broadly agreed that the UN remains the best-equipped institution and platform in the international system, international law remains the most authoritative framework of rules governing state-to-state relations, and the purposes and principles of the UN Charter remain the overarching signpost toward global peace and development. Multilateralism is indisputably the foundation and pillar for the current international order, and solidarity and cooperation is the only way for defeating the virus and achieving recovery. Certain country has turned the UN into a theater for self-serving political shows and an arena to provoke conflict and confrontation and to divide the world. Countries have expressed in various ways their opposition against such acts.

Wang Yi said, President Xi Jinping delivered an important address at the UN General Assembly. He reaffirmed, in unequivocal terms, China's firm commitment to support the UN, safeguard multilateralism, and build a community with a shared future for mankind with all countries. President Xi Jinping also announced a host of major proposals and initiatives on tackling global challenges and promoting common development. The President's statement attests to his broad-mindedness and sense of responsibility as the leader of a major country. This meets the shared interests of countries across the world, and is fully in line with the trend of our times and the future trajectory of our world.

Wang Yi said, in a world of profound changes, the Chinese side's position is very clear. First, all countries must jointly uphold the theme of the times featuring peace and development. As the first country to put its signature on the UN Charter, China has made relentless efforts to safeguard peace and development of the world while benefiting from it. As the Chinese side sees it, challenges to peace should be resolved by pursuing common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and development deficit should be addressed with a new philosophy of innovative, coordinated, green and open development for all. Major countries shoulder a unique responsibility to safeguard peace and development, and should not seek their own security at the expense of others' security or deny other countries' right to development with bullying practices. China will stay firmly on the path of peaceful development, and work with other countries to oppose the narrow-minded approach that puts one country's interest first and the dangerous practice of zero-sum game.

Second, all countries must jointly defend the universal values of fairness and justice. Any attempt to resurrect hegemonism and return the world back to a jungle is doomed to fail. All countries, big or small, strong or weak, are equal members of the international community. All peoples, wherever they are, are entitled to a good life. Those who think that they could flout and breach international rules simply because they have more muscles will eventually end up in the dustbin of history. China is a steadfast defender of international fairness and justice. We never interfere in other countries' internal affairs, nor allow other countries to interfere in our internal affairs. We stand against bullying practices. We believe that dialogue, consultation and win-win cooperation should prevail over confrontation, coercion and zero-sum game.

Third, all countries must stay on the right path to move forward with solidarity. Spreading the political virus of hatred and confrontation is as much a threat to the world as coronavirus to mankind. China has been at the forefront of the struggle against all kinds of viruses as well as international cooperation against COVID-19. China will continue to use its experience and capability to help as much as it can all countries in need with all sincerity.

Fourth, all countries must keep to the right direction of openness and cooperation. The experience of China and many other countries shows that openness brings progress while seclusion leads to backwardness. Resorting to protectionism and decoupling leads only to self-imposed isolation. The world's problems are not without solutions. What we need is better governance, greater opening-up and deeper cooperation. We must strengthen our commitment to building an open world economy, upholding the WTO-centered multilateral trading regime, and ensuring the stable and smooth operation of the global industrial and supply chains. China is always guided by a win-win strategy of opening-up. China will continue to pursue a higher level of opening-up across the board, share more benefits with the world, and contribute to global recovery through its own development.

Wang Yi underscored, no matter how the international landscape may evolve, and no matter what twists and turns may lie ahead, China will always shoulder its responsibilities as a major country. We will take concrete actions to add stability and certainty to this volatile world, and give confidence and strength to the cause of multilateralism. China will vigorously engage in international cooperation against COVID-19, and work with all countries to contain and ultimately defeat the virus at an earlier date. China will actively engage in the global governance reform to make the international order and system more fair, balanced and equitable. China will accelerate the building of a new development paradigm with domestic and international circulations reinforcing each other to bolster the early recovery of the world economy. China will advance high-quality Belt and Road cooperation and seek common development and prosperity with BRI partners. China will deepen South-South cooperation and promote sustainable development across the world. China will fulfill its commitment on energy conservation and emission reduction to help make our planet a cleaner and more beautiful place. China will continue its constructive engagement in resolving hotspot issues to safeguard overall peace and tranquility of the world.

Wang Yi said, there is no great historical evil without a compensating historical progress. The future of humankind in the post-COVID era lies with the people of all countries. If we make the right choice, global governance will get better through reform, and the international order will surge forward with the tide of the times.

The forum was organized by the China Public Diplomacy Association and the Nizami Ganjavi International Center. Former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda of Japan, and former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of the UN delivered speeches at the forum. Nearly a hundred Chinese and foreign experts and scholars including former Director-General of the World Health Organization and Dean of the Vanke School of Public Health of Tsinghua University Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun attended the forum and held in-depth discussions on such topic as "global governance and multilateralism," "economic recovery and international cooperation," and "sustainable development and poverty alleviation."

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