The Commissioner's Office Urges Intervening Foreign Forces to Stop Colluding with Violent Offenders in the HKSAR

The spokesperson of the Office of the Commissioner of China's Foreign Ministry in the HKSAR has expressed firm opposition against the completely wrong statement by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released on 6 August. The spokesperson stated that China strongly condemns and firmly opposes Pelosi's blatant support for the violent offenders and gross interference in Hong Kong affairs, which are China's domestic affairs.


The spokesperson emphasized that violence is lethal to law-based society, and turbulence is detrimental to development and prosperity. Hong Kong has suffered too much from violence in recent months, with some radical and extremist forces resorting to violent vandalism in total disregard of law, order and public interests. Their acts have trampled on the rule of law in Hong Kong, posed a grave threat to the basic security of citizens, flagrantly challenged national sovereignty and dignity, tested the red line of "One Country, Two Systems", and pushed Hong Kong to the verge of a very dangerous situation. Any society would not tolerate such acts and any government would not sit idly by.


The spokesperson pointed out that instead of unequivocally condemning such violent and illegal acts, Pelosi and some other American politicians have time and again whitewashed and endorsed the radical rioters on the pretext of upholding "democracy" and "freedoms", fueled radical violence in Hong Kong, and arbitrarily smeared the just efforts by the SAR Government and the police to punish violence and defend the rule of law. It is exactly because of the open connivance and support by the foreign forces that the violent offenders have been further emboldened to defy the law.


The spokesperson reiterated that over the past 22 years since the return of Hong Kong, the principles of "One Country, Two Systems", "the people of Hong Kong governing Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy in the HKSAR have been faithfully implemented, and Hong Kong citizens now enjoy unprecedentedly extensive rights and freedoms as protected by law. Pelosi and some other American politicians, however, keep telling blatant lies by distorting the truth about "One Country, Two Systems" and smearing the Central Government's policy in Hong Kong, threaten the SAR Government and confound right with wrong. It again reflects their hegemonic thinking and malicious intention to stir up trouble in Hong Kong and China as a whole. These politicians are largely responsible for the current situation in the city.  


The spokesperson highlighted that Hong Kong is part of China and its affairs are China's domestic affairs. Any attempts to hold back China's development are doomed to fail, any actions to undermine China's sovereignty and security will be resolutely countered, and any foreign forces that intervene to damage Hong Kong's prosperity and stability and "One Country, Two Systems" will only shoot themselves in the foot. We again urge the relevant American politicians to stop colluding with the violent offenders in Hong Kong, immediately stop advancing the relevant bills, and refrain from meddling with Hong Kong affairs and China's domestic affairs as a whole. Otherwise, they would be loathed by all Chinese people, including our Hong Kong compatriots.

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