The Spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office Refutes US Politicians: Trying to Exonerate Anti-China Troublemakers in Hong Kong is to Condone Evil and Travesty the Rule of Law

On April 18, the Spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office refuted US politicians who openly attempted to exonerate anti-China troublemakers in Hong Kong.


The spokesperson said that the Hong Kong police were enforcing the law, upholding the rule of law in Hong Kong, and exercising power mandated by the Basic Law in taking legal action against those suspected of organizing and participating in unauthorized assemblies. It is completely reasonable and legitimate, and foreign countries have no right to interfere.


The spokesperson pointed out that the US politicians are condoning evil and making a travesty of the rule of law by ignoring the facts, distorting the Sino-British Joint Declaration, and trying to exonerate anti-China troublemakers in Hong Kong on the pretext of "transparency", "the rule of law" and "a high degree of autonomy". It serves as another evidence of their collusion with the local troublemakers, which deserves condemnation by the entire international community.


The spokesperson emphasized that Hong Kong is a city governed by the rule of law, where laws shall be strictly observed and lawbreakers prosecuted, and nobody is above the law. We urge the US politicians to abide by basic norms governing international relations, and immediately stop meddling with Hong Kong affairs.

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