Commissioner's Office: China will never give in to coercion, intimidation or pressure and the US bullying act of sanctions will backfire

The spokesperson of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in the HKSAR strongly disapproved and condemned the so-called “business advisory” issued by the US government, which smeared Hong Kong’s business environment, and sanctioned officials of the Central Government in Hong Kong. This arbitrary and unreasonable bullying act has seriously violated international law and basic norms governing international relations, and grossly interfered in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs at large. All the Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots, will not accept it and will certainly counterattack.

The spokesperson said that under the National Security Law for the HKSAR, the public order of Hong Kong has been restored, the rule of law principle upheld, and its development back on track. Hong Kong residents enjoy lawful rights and freedoms, and foreign investors in Hong Kong have a more secure, stable and predictable business environment. Lawful rights and interests of international stakeholders, including US enterprises stationed in Hong Kong, are better protected. A report released by the International Monetary Fund not long ago reaffirms Hong Kong’s status as an international financial center. Moreover, media recently reported that the US business community in Hong Kong opposed the US government to issue a “business warning” for the city, calling it a crazy and counterproductive move. However, ignoring China’s opposition and the voice of the business community, the US side insisted on concocting the so-called “advisory”, talking down the prospects of Hong Kong and intimidating foreign investors in Hong Kong. “Worrying the Hong Kong’s business environment” is just an excuse of the US; its true intention is to undermine Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability, endanger China’s national security, and contain China’s development. The US plot is despicable and contemptible, and it will never succeed.

The spokesperson pointed out that the US side once again used tricks like sanctions to pressure China, arbitrarily interfered in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs at large, and grossly trampled on international law and basic norms governing international relations. This is another example of “American bullying” and “American double standards”. The US move goes against the historical trend, and all its pressure and sanctions are nothing but a piece of waste paper. They can neither undermine the steady and sustained implementation of One Country, Two Systems, nor stop the irreversible trend of the Chinese nation’s rejuvenation. The Communist Party of China is celebrating its centenary and the time in which the Chinese nation could be bullied, opposed or subjugated by foreign forces was gone forever. Anyone who would attempt to do so will find themselves on a collision course with a great wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people. People of insight in the international community will firmly oppose US hegemony and power politics and stand on the side of justice.

The spokesperson stated that China has embarked on a new journey towards building a modern socialist country, and is gearing up to advance and implement the 14th Five-Year Plan and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Strategy. As the National Security Law is implemented and the electoral system improved, Hong Kong’s status as an international financial, trade and shipping center has been more stable, the rule of law and its business environment have been more sound, and the society has been more harmonious. The “Pearl of the Orient” will shine more brightly in integrating into the overall development of the country. We believe that all fair-minded international investors will make an objective judgment and rational decision based on Hong Kong’s reality and their interests in Hong Kong.

The spokesperson stressed Hong Kong belongs to China, Hong Kong affairs are purely China’s internal affairs, and that Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability must not be undermined. We urge the US side to cease and desist, immediately stop its political plot to disrupt Hong Kong and China as a whole, stop its bullying act of arbitrary sanctions, and stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs at large in any form. In response to the US arbitrary move, the Chinese people will certainly fight back.

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