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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on September 6, 2013

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei held a press conference on September 6, 2013.

Q: The US said that it has given up trying to work with the UN Security Council on Syria. Does China have a comment on this?

A: China supports the Security Council's important role in properly resolving the Syrian issue. We hope that relevant parties would maintain communication and coordination, hold in-depth consultations and seek peaceful and proper settlement of the relevant issue.

Q: The ROK Unification Ministry reportedly said that the ROK and the DPRK decided through consultation to restore their cross-border military hotline on September 6. What is China's comment?

A: The improvement of relationship and the reconciliation and cooperation between the DPRK and the ROK serve the interests of both sides. China supports the two countries in working together to further improve their relations and making positive efforts to ease the tension of the Korean Peninsula and the region as a whole.

Q: Taiwan media reported that the US Congressional Research Service released a report, saying that the US "one China" policy remains somewhat ambiguous and subject to different interpretations. What is China's comment?

A: Our position on the Taiwan question is consistent and clear-cut. Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. It is a fact universally-recognized by the international community. The US government has reaffirmed time and again that it sticks to the one-China policy.

Q: UN-AL Joint Special Representative on the Syrian issue Lakhdar Brahimi is said to visit Russia to call on the international community to hold the meeting on Syria at an early date. What is China's comment?

A: China always believes that the political resolution is the only practical way out for the Syrian issue. Given the current circumstances, it has become even more pressing to push for a political resolution. China supports Joint Special Representative Brahimi's mediation efforts. We hope that all relevant parties of the international community will work hand in hand to create conditions for the holding of the international conference on Syria at an early date.

Q: Pakistani officials reportedly said that the one behind the fatal attack at Nangar Parbat, where two Chinese mountaineers were killed, was arrested. Please confirm and give us more details.

A: China has noted the relevant report. We haven't got any official notification from the Pakistani side yet. The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan will continue to verify the situation with the Pakistani side. China is firmly opposed to terrorism in all its manifestations and is grateful to what has been done by the Pakistani side in dealing with the attack. We hope that the Pakistani side will spare no efforts to bring perpetrators to justice and take effective measures to ensure the safety as well as legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and institutions in Pakistan.

Q: First, US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power reportedly accused Russia of taking the UN Security Council "hostage" over the Syrian issue. What is China's comment? Second, a car bomb attack targeted at Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim of the interim government of Egypt on September 5 in Cairo left over 20 people wounded. What is China's comment?

A: On your first question, the international community should resolutely uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter as well as the basic norms governing international relations in the framework of the UN Security Council, in a bid to safeguard peace and stability of Syria and the Middle East region. Under the current circumstances, all relevant parties should enhance communication and coordination, carry out in-depth consultations and strive to reach consensus.

On your second question, we have noted the relevant report and condemn the attack. We hope that Egypt could restore social order as soon as possible, steadily press ahead with the inclusive political transition process and realize national stability and development.

Q: There have been reports coming out of the G20 that China and Russia are moving closer to a natural gas agreement. Please elaborate on that.

A: After President Xi Jinping's meeting with Russian President Putin on the sidelines of the G20 Summit, the two presidents jointly witnessed the signing of cooperation documents in such fields as energy, aviation and local cooperation. The documents include the framework agreement between China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Gazprom on China-Russia natural gas cooperation via east pipeline and the equity cooperation agreement between CNPC and Novatek on liquefied natural gas.

Q: The US State Department announced that Glyn Davies, the US Special Representative for North Korea Policy would soon visit the ROK, China and Japan. What is his itinerary in China?

A: China has been in close communication with all relevant parties of the Six-Party Talks. The US Special Representative for North Korea Policy Davies will visit China on September 11. The two sides are in consultation on relevant arrangement. We will release further information in due course.

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