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Delegation of Jiangxi Province Visited East Java

Mr. Chen Xufeng, Deputy Director-general of the Foreign and Overseas Affairs Office of Jiangxi Province, visited Surabaya of East Java from July 2 to 4, with a delegation of 5 persons. Accompanied by Mr. Zhang Yusen and Mr. Pan Yonglu, both Vice Consul-general of Chinese Consulate-general in Surabaya, the delegation held meeting with Mr. Benny, Director-general of the Cooperation Bureau of East Java, and Vice President of East Java Industrial and Commercial Association. Both sides exchanged views about the basic status, industrial advantage, investment environment, etc. of each province, expressed wishes on mutual cooperation, and concluded with the signature of an Intent Letter on the Establishment of Friendly Relationship between Jiangxi Province of PRC and East Java of RI.


Later that day, the delegation met with Mr. Lin Wenguang, First Vice President of Chinese General Chamber of Commerce of Indonesia as well as about 30 delegates from Chinese General Chamber of Commerce of East Java Branch. Both sides expressed intentions of strengthening trade exchange. The delegation also introduced to the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce about the Overseas Chinese Investment Fair to be held in Jiangxi, and invited them for participation.

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